Class 2

Art Days in Class 2!
Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February
This week we have been looking at Kandinsky's work.
We began by enjoying some colour mixing to make secondary colours and experiment when making colours lighter and darker.
After that we made our own version of Kandinsky's famous painting of squares with concentric circles. The children chose their own shapes to draw and used a mixture of warm and cold colours to make a pattern.
Next the children created their own tile and made parts of it 3D using paper mache. 
Finally the children painted their design using their own warm or cold colour choices. 
We are looking forward to seeing the finished piece on display in the corridor!
Our trip to St Aidan's Church!
In R.E this half term we have been looking at different churches. We have enjoyed learning about the different features in a Christian church and discussing why they are important.
When we visited St Aidan's Church we found all of the main features and the children asked some very interesting questions to further their knowledge. The whole class were very excited, interested and eager to complete their task.
Well done Class 2!
Science in Class 2!
We have been learning about different materials and their properties in science this half term.
In this experiment we were exploring different materials and deciding which would be best to keep a hot chocolate for Betty warm when she is out in the snowy weather.
We used felt, wool, tin foil and cotton wool to insulate the cups before adding the hot chocolate. We then  measured the temperature, using a thermometer, every 5 minutes.
We found that the cotton wool kept the hot chocolate the warmest for longest and is the best material to use!
Well done Class 2!

D & T days!

10th/11th/12th December 2018

Can you make a pizza that is fit for a king?
In Class 2 we have been making pizzas that are fit for a king!
 The children were given the challenge of creating a pizza along with a specific criteria to meet.
The pizza needed to be:
  • Very nutritious and include food from each food group that we have learnt about (dairy, carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables).
  • Have no more than 5 toppings.
  • Be able to fit in the castle oven. The oven is 20cm wide and cannot fit circular shaped pizzas in.
Each group worked well together to design and make a delicious pizza, to use equipment to prepare the food and compromise when discussing their own ideas.
Well done Class 2!
So far this year, we have enjoyed science, especially our experiments!
We designed and made different parachute ideas to help Rapunzel escape from the tower.
We then tested each one outdoors using a timer.
The children made some excellent predictions and worked very well as a team!
We are enjoying maths, working practically to solve lots of tricky number problems. We have already mastered place value and addition and subtraction! 
D&T Day
22nd and 23rd November 2017
Can you build a bridge suitable for the Billy Goats Gruff?
During our whole school D and T days we had lots of fun designing and making a bridge suitable for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross the river.
We received a letter off the Billy Goats Gruff explaining that they need a new bridge to cross the river. However it needed to have 3 very important features.
1. It needed to be able to hold the large Billy Goats Gruff (500g)
2. It needed to be long enough to cross the 30cm river.
3. It needed to have a place for the troll to hide.
We all designed our own bridge then got into teams to pick the best ideas from each plan to design a new bridge. When each group had finished their plan, they presented them to Class 1.
Next it was time to build the bridges! We used lots of different materials to create the bridge and make extra exciting features such as lights across the top to guide the way. 
We tested each bridge and discussed our results then Mr Chapman judged the competition.
Art Days
7th and 8th February 2018
The Angel of the North
For this term's Art Days we decided to look at the Angel of the North, as it is it's 20th anniversary this month!
Class 2 looked the work of Gretchen Albrecht. We used inspiration from her art work to create a background for finished piece. We mixed colours to create a sky effect, thinking about how colours link to different emotions.
Next we created a stencil of the Angel of the North using straws, string and wool to create the line effect. We used these to print onto our backgrounds using printing ink and rollers. We enjoyed putting the different prints together to create one large piece of art in the style of Andy Warhol.
Lastly we created amazing models using clay and tin foil. We all worked hard to make sure we had included all of the main features of the Angel of the North. 
Well done Class 2!
Art Days in Key Stage One
'Where the Wild Things Are'
We used the work of Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Chris Drury to create a large piece of work as a class.
We mixed paint to create different colours, used water colours, made patterns with natural objects and created trees with twigs and leaves.
Police Dog Visit
We had a visit from a police puppy. Travis was very friendly and we learnt a lot about his training!