E-safety at Newbrough Primary
At Newbrough we take the safety of our pupils seriously, and that includes keeping them safe online.  As well as regular e-safety sessions as part of our Computing lessons, we like to participate in the yearly 'Safer Internet Day'.  This also involves a session for parents to come along and listen to a presentation on internet safety issues at home.
Our E-safety co-ordinator is Mrs Jo Trotter and our governors responsible for E-safety are Mrs Jane Pybus and Mr David Penn.
Here you can find a range of links to different websites that you might find useful when considering e-safety issues at home with your children.
Shared Safety Day
Here are some pictures of our shared Safety day with Humshaugh.  We covered all kinds of safety including road safety, safe handling of food, personal safety and E-safety.  We had a fantastic day!
Below you can find some useful factsheets to help you and your child use internet-enabled devices safely.